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Modern and central located, only a 15min ride from the Airport

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The Videolink crew is among the best in Romania.

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We help you pick all the equipment you need to start creating beautiful images

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call for quote: 0040 744574786

  • 800qm total, 225qm Studio surface
  • 140qm Limbo
  • 55qm client area
  • 13qm costume room
  • 12qm make up room
  • 6qm kitchen
  • 3 x 6qm Restrooms
  • 25qm VIP appartment with Shower/WC
  • multiple 10qm production offices
  • 48qm lobby upstairs + 20qm lobby downstairs

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We offer all major Trademarks such as Arri, Sony, Red, Zeiss, Angenieux, Panther, Gfm, Matthews, Avenger, P+S Technik,
Canon, Leica, Kinoflo, Chimera, Rosco, Tiffen, Schneider and many more. Pick from our 1000+ item inventory.

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ARRI Skypanel 360

arri skypanel s30 s60 s360


  • 105-degree beam spread
  • Standard, Lite and Heavy Diffusion
  • DOP Snap Grid
  • 2x as bright as a 4kw tungsten soft light
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Panther Buddy

arri skypanel s30 s60 s360


  • compact measurements
  • extreme stability
  • lightweight and versatile
  • ideal as jib and crane platform
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Zeiss Cinema Zooms

zeiss compact zoom lenses


  • Zeiss PL Zoom CZ.2 15-30mm
  • Zeiss PL Zoom CZ.2 28-80mm
  • Zeiss PL Zoom CZ.2 70-200mm
  • All Full Frame and T2.9
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